This is your chance to tap into the knowledge of our expert in haematology

Senior Consultant of Parkway Cancer Centre, pioneer in starting an autologous stem cell bank (Stemcord) in Singapore, Dr Teo Cheng Peng has over 25 years of experience in the field of Blood Diseases, Bone Marrow and Stem Cell Transplants.

If you have any burning questions on blood diseases like anemia or thalassaemia. Or you would like to find out more on Stem Cells; How stem cells are used in treating a disease? Is it necessary to preserve your baby’s cord blood? And even on blood cancers such as leukemia, lymphoma, myeloma, how common are these cancers and what are some treatment to them?

For a good 30 minutes of this Facebook Live Q&A Event, we have Dr Teo to answer any question relating to blood, from you.

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Recap for Live Facebook Q&A Session (22 Feb 2013) with Senior Consultant, Dr Teo Cheng Peng

Q1. My son is 14 months. He was diagnosed with leukemia(AML) at 8 months and was immediately treated with chemo. He is classified as high risk as he didn’t go into remission until he completed the 3rd cycle. It was recommended that he undergoes transplant however, his sibling was only a half match. We did save his stem cell but were told using his own stem cell is not an option. I was taken aback as I thought one of the main features of stem cell was for leukemia. Please enlighten further. He is currently waiting for FLAG. In addition, could you advise on the chances of relapse/prognosis?  

Dr Teo: “Your doctor is right in saying that your child’s cord blood is not suitable to be used as a stem cell transplant for his own leukemia. Stem cell transplants can be used for cancer but the type and the source of stem cell is different for various type of cancer. Example, as in your son’s case, for leukemias it is better to use another person’s stem cell, this is called allogeneic. Other types of cancer like neurobalastoma you will want to use your own stem cells, this is called autologous, in this case you can use your son’s cord blood. For your son’s current leukemia, this is a high risk leukemia, he will need a stem cell transplant. If the sibling does not match, you will have to search in the public cord blood banks for a match. Without a transplant, chances of relapse is high. With a transplant, there will be a reasonable chance of a cure.”  

Q2. My 15 year old cancer survivor daughter’s oncology doctor subscribe Calcium -Sandoz Syrup to prevent further bone thinning- 5mls 3 times a day. Can I give her 15mls once in a day?

Dr Teo: “15 mls once a day and 5 mls 3 times a day, there is very little difference. We will prefer 5 mls 3 times a day as absorption rates may be better.”  

Q3. My friend & his wife are thalasemia minor carrier. I understand the chances for conceiving a thalasemia major child is 25%. According to them, they can only test the health status of the baby when the mum is 3 months pregnant. They would like to know is there any way to avoid detecting through pregnancy & to conceive a healthy baby before pregnant? Heard that IVF is the option available for them to conceive a healthy baby, is this the only option available?

Dr Teo: “The best method is still to have the test done when the mother is 3 months pregnant. The IVF option also comes with its own ethical and moral issues.”  

Q4. My 15 years old niece, Malaysian, suspected diagnosed Aplastic Anemia since early Jan 2013 but not confirmed by her existing doc till to date. Still going thru bone marrow and blood test. Platelet low. Did blood transfusion regularly. Absent from school since Jan. Thinking recommend her to Singapore doctor now. Please advise what specialized doc shall i make further enquiry?

Dr Teo: “She needs a haematologist.”  

Q5: How long can the cord blood be stored in the cord blood bank and can we used it for other children when the need arises? Thank you. Dr Teo: “The usage is really dependent on the type of problem. Some conditions or cancer you want to use your own cord blood stem cells. Some cancer and regenerative therapy you want to use your own cord blood stem cells. So in the family of 3 or 4 children, if all the children have stored their own cord blood units, you will be able to cover most diseases that require stem cell treatment.”

“Cord blood if stored properly can be stored indefinitely. The proper storage must be below -120 degree celsius.”  

Q6: Recently I did a blood test, my haemoglobin level was measured at 12.1. This is less than the normal range. Is it serious? Do I need to seek any treatment? Look forward to your advice.

Dr Teo: “Yes 12.1 is low for male. There are many possible reasons for this and it is necessary for you to see a haematologist to get it check out. The possibilities can range from simple problems like mild thalassemia to more serious problems like bleeding from the intestines. So please see a haematologist.”  

Q7: The patient is a man (62 years old) being diagnosed with T-cell lymphoma. Can I know the best treatment to this disease?

Dr Teo: “T-cell lymphoma is a very aggressive form of lymphoma, the chance of a cure with conventional treatment is usually not good. So sometimes, we will consider high dose chemotherapy for patients who are suitable. We will have to access the patient individually for suitability of this treatment modality.”  

Q8: How does stem cell treatment work?

Dr Teo: “Stem cell treatment can be divided into 2 main categories. One is Stem Cell transplant, which is mainly for blood cancers and blood disorders. Second form of Stem Cell treatment is regenerative therapy where stem cells are used to grow new cells to replace damaged cells or organs which are failing. Examples of this therapy is the use of cord blood stem cells, in the treatment of cerebral palsy.”  

Q9:  My father safariingar cholingocarecinoma now his seramd bilirubin 24 with cbd metal stand , is it posable to dialysis bile from blood?

Dr Teo: “It is not possible to dialysis bile from the blood. Dialysis is only for kidney failure.”