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We have with us an Obstetrician and Gynaecologist with 15 years of institutional practice.

From commonly asked questions regarding Female Health like, When is a PAP smear required? How can we deal with menstrual cramps and menstrual problems? What are the symptoms of fibroid or ovarian cyst? Is surgery the only cure?

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Date: 27 March 2013, Wednesday
Time: 11:00am – 11:30am
Place: Online, on this event wall

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More about Dr Anthony Siow:
Anthony is the Medical Director of Parkway Gynaecology Screening & Treatment Centre at Gleneagles Hospital, Singapore. He was formerly the Director of Minimally Invasive Surgery Centre at KK Women’s & Children’s Hospital, the largest tertiary referral hospital in Singapore. He was awarded Best Clinical Teacher and has trained many regional gynaecologist in advanced laparoscopy. He is the first gynaecologist in Singapore to perform Single Incision Laparoscopy for Hysterectomy and Fibroid Surgery.

In addition to the many academic publications and lectures delivered regionally, he is also featured frequently in many local and oversea media including Motherhood Magazine, Straits Times Singapore, 938 Live and Channel News Asia.


Recap for #ASK THE EXPERT Session (27 March 2013) with Obstetrician and Gynaecologist Dr Anthony Siow

Q1. What got to get the white discharge and the treatment for how long and can recover?

Dr Anthony Siow: “It seems like a case of vaginal yeast infection. Treatment is with antibiotics taken orally or inserted in the vagina. Taking lactobacillus  like Vitagen or Probiotics can also help reduce the number of yeast infection.”


Q2. I got an cyst on left breast before Doc.. Why is it my back opposite of the affected was the pain until now? Is there possibility a symptom of cancer on it?

Dr Anthony Siow: “It will be good to see a breast surgeon specialist to check on the breast cyst and make sure the pain is not related.”


Q3. Understand that small fibroids or cyst can be left untreated. Will they turn into malign tumour eventually? How to prevent this from happening? Thanks.

Dr Anthony Siow: “It is not common for ovarian cyst to turn into cancer and it is very very rare for fibroid to be cancer especially if they are small. Besides size of the cyst, history of the patient, ultrasound features of the cyst and sometimes blood test are needed to assess if the cyst is suspicious of cancer or not. For fibroids cancer is only suspected if it is very much larger than 10cm or growing after menopause.”


Q4. There was a few times when I cough, I experienced sharp pain on the lower right side abdomen and I wasn’t having my menses. Could this be a symptom of tumour or cysts?

Dr Anthony Siow: “It is most like a pull of the muscle or ligament rather than ovarian cyst. Nonetheless it will be good to get a pelvic ultrasound to be sure there are no cysts or fibroids.”


Q5. Why do I only get menses once in 6 months? is there anything wrong with me? will it affect my fertility?

Dr Anthony Siow: “It’s likely that there is hormonal imbalance and a common condition is Polycystic ovarian syndrome. As menstruation represents ovulation and ability to get pregnant, having only 2 menstruation a year lowers the chance of pregnancy. In addition having infrequent menstruation increases the risk of pre-cancerous womb condition. It is advisable to see a specialist for a review.”


Q6. Is getting pregnant the only way to “prevent” cyst from coming back? what are the chances that it will relapse?

Dr Anthony Siow: “Getting pregnant, breastfeeding, taking the birth control pills are some measures to reduce most of ovarian cysts relapsing. As there are many types of ovarian cysts, there will still be some that still relapse. The chances however is low, in the region of 10% or less.”


Q7. I am a breast cancer survivor. Apparently the chemo had caused me to have early ‘menopausing’ (according to my hormone test). May I know usually how long will the menopausing period be till fully menopause?

Dr Anthony Siow: “The usual menopause age is 51 years old. When chemo cause early menopause, a small percentage of women before 51 years old may get their periods back after chemo treatment. Others will remain without periods, meaning they have an earlier menopause.”


Q8. When someone take contraceptive pills…taking the pill for 5 hours late can cause spotting?

Dr Anthony Siow: “Usually it will not cause spotting with a delay of 5 hours. Sometimes if you miss the pill entire for a day or two, it will cause spotting”


Q9. Will Polycystic Ovary Syndrome led to cancer?

Dr Anthony Siow: “It will not lead to cancer of the ovary despite it being cyst of the ovary. However it can lead to cancer of the womb (endometrium actually) if menstruation are far and few apart for years. If there is cancer, it is usually in the mid 40s. You can get a patient information leaflet from our website”


Q10. I had an endometriotic cyst removed a few years ago and now evidence of recurrence. How should I watch my diet given the condition?

Dr Anthony Siow: “Endometriosis Diet consist of taking more vegetables, fruits and fish. Try to stay away from red meats, bbq stuff, fried oily stuff and gluten. Exercise will also help reduce endometriosis symptom.”