Central venous catheters are one way to take long-term intravenous chemotherapy.

Like implanted ports, a central venous line (CVL) which is a long, soft hollow tube, called a catheter, will be inserted into one of the large veins leading to the heart.

The line is used to give fluids, blood products, chemotherapy and other drugs directly into the bloodstream.  CVL are often recommended for frequent venous access over a long duration course of therapy that may last for several weeks to months at the comfort of their home.

Proper care of CVL is essential as this will prevent infection at the exit site.

These videos will guide you on the proper steps on hand washing, changing of dressing and flushing of catheter.


Care of the Central Venous Catheter

CVL – Hand Washing

CVL – Changing of Dressing

CVL – Flushing