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  • Mr Mohammad Khan had everything going for him. A 38 year-old doctoral candidate, he had been living in Canada for the past four years.  He was looking forward to completing his thesis and thinking about whether to stay on in Canada or returning home to Bangladesh. He was married to a doctor and they have […]

  • It’s hard to say if having a baby affects the growth of cancer cells. But patients need to understand the risk. She walked into my room beaming from ear to ear.  “I’m pregnant!” she announced joyfully. Eli was 33 years old when she was diagnosed to have stage II breast cancer in August 2006. At […]

  • Death is an inevitable event that eventually comes to each living being. This week, I had to walk the journey with the family of a patient who was critically ill. Siew Ching (not her real name), 66, has stage four breast cancer. While she had responded well initially to chemotherapy, the disease took a turn […]

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