Foreign patients choose Parkway Hospitals because they can be assured of world-class medical facilities and expertise. Parkway Hospitals is the largest private medical provider in Asia. Besides having FOUR hospitals in Singapore, Parkway Hospitals Singapore has also set up Parkway Cancer Centre, a comprehensive Cancer Centre that boasts of not just medical oncology but also radiation oncology with its array of modern state-of-the-art facilities and the full range of surgical oncologists as well.

Your step by step formula to making an appointment with us:

Step 1:

Please feel free to contact us at to share with us the patient's diagnosis and stage of cancer, medical reports, treatment history and dates, and description of the patient's condition (level of pain, ability to breath, ability to walk, ability to eat). With this information we can review and revert as soon as we received the advice from our doctor on the estimated consultation cost and treatment type.

You can also check with "the need for visa" to confirm if the country that you are traveling from requires you to apply for a visa before flying over to receive treatment at our centre. Alternatively, you can contact us at or reach us at +65 6738 9333 and we will forward your request for our international patient service hotline (from 8am to 6pm) to assist you.
Generally, foreign patients require:

  • Valid passport for at least 6 months,
  • Confirmed onward / return tickets,
  • Sufficient funds for their stay in Singapore, and
  • Visa, if applicable.

Visa application must be made prior to arrival in Singapore. Processing time is between 3 to 10 working days, excluding the day of submission and provided that all documents furnished are in order and no further verification is necessary.

Step 2:

Once you have your visas, you can purchase your plane tickets to Singapore International Airport. Please bring your previous medical records with you. Once you have arrived at our hospital, you can deposit your luggage at our conceirge counter at the hotel lobby before you make your way to our respective clinic. A wheelchair is also available for loan within the hospital compound.

Step 3:

Do not fret, should you face the challenge of not being able to converse in English.

Please indicate clearly when you make an appointment with us on the website as assistance in other languages can be arranged based on the availability of our translators.

We provide translators for the following languages:

  • Chinese
  • Indonesian
  • Russian
  • Vietnamese


Step 4:


Step 5:


Step 6:


Step 7: